Increase company morale and create an energetic team of employees.

Insight Adventure has a vision, a vision to teach people to use what lies within themselves. A vision that incorporates the use of The Pyramid of Insight ®, a simple yet highly effective way of obtaining flow.

Flow is a way of thinking and acting which ensures optimisation of the situation you are in, both on a personal and professional level. It means more energy, more vitality and the ability as an individual or team to realise goals.

In order to obtain flow the individual needs to be able to accept responsibility, to understand the importance of breathing, to be able to look at situations without making judgements, to recognise the importance of nutrition and movement and to have the appropriate mind-set.

Applied to an organisation flow and The Pyramid of Insight ® can increase company morale and create an energetic team of employees who work together and share responsibility to achieve the same goals.

Evert Heintz has the ability and belief needed to inspire people to be able to achieve all of this and enjoy the rewards.

He is the best example of the success of flow and The Pyramid of Insight ®. During a serious climbing accident some years ago Evert fell 15 meter into a glacier crevasse. There was nothing below him but darkness, above him was life. Evert made conscious decisions by applying The Pyramid of Insight ® and staying in flow. These decisions saved him.

Would you be ready to accept the challenge and go on an inner journey if it meant a life full of vitality and energy? Would you like to have the self-confidence and knowledge that all you need lies within yourself?

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